Colina Da Lapa Review

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Colina Da Lapa Review

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Just back from this complex. My family had a fantastic 2 weeks here. The 2 bed apartments were basically semidetached villas and were very roomy - even the staircase was huge! Little patios and patio doors everywhere! Big bathroom with 2 sinks, downstairs loo massive kitchen with all sorts of electrical applinances but bizarrely - only ONE socket!!! :?

The views from around the complex and from your villa are simply breathtaking (I didn't realise that some have sea views!)

The reviews you come across in various websites are basically true. Yes you can hear people next door but it's not a lot of noise. The only problem we had was some silly sods lighting a bl***dy joss stick in their fireplace, because the chimneys are linked we spent a lot of evenings under a cloud of strange smelling smoke - v annoying.

Yes it's miles away from anywhere but the resort bus is great and we hired a car which, although hair-raising at first became a very convenient way to travel to places like intermarche and CVO town and the beach. We used Algarve Driver and didn't have any real problems only being given a small amount of fuel and not being told where the petrol station was! so we got lost with the fuel warning light on which always gives me palpatations. And there were no hi visibility jackets in the car so we bought our own as it's a very handy thing to have anyway.

Yes the lounge furniture could be more comfortable but the beds are very comfy.

We had 2 small children and a very nice restaurant on site so didn't venture out to many other eating places at night except a pizzeria in Sesmarias which seemed nice except they seem to attract dog owners who don't seem to think they need to keep their horrible slathering, fanged furballs on leads so we ate pizzas surrounded by people, mostly germans and their dogs - One of these things actually jumped up on my daughter's chair and was nearly killed by my cutlery (only held back by my husband) yup, that dog had a lucky escape! :twisted: at least it provided entertainment when this mad mutt chased another leadless animal and went tearing down the street followed by its panicked owner, we never saw either of them again!!

But aside from that (and you can probably tell I really, really hate dogs, nasty rabid beasts) This place is wonderful, I even liked the fact that it is remote, it is not as if you can't get around, even without a hire car taxis are affordable. All the staff are helpful and friendly and all seem to love children.

The poolside is fantastic its kiddie pool is very safe so you can lounge nearby with confidence and the big pool isn't as deep as some hotel pools which is great for weaker swimmers like me. There seems to be 2 sun loungers per guest!!! and shade provided by these beautiful trees, the fruit of which ends up as credit card strips (not many people know that, thanks to our Cosmos area manger, a few more people do now!)

Cosmos' kids club was great, when operating - it was a bit of a lottery as we went out of term holidays so you needed a minimum number of children but my girls loved it when the session did run. It had a lovely airconditioned building for them to chill out in and an outside sand pit playground which you could use at any time.

THANK GOD FOR AIR CONDITIONING!!!! 38 deg most days the villas had a unit in both bedrooms and the lounge.

A useful tip, if you have kids is that reception can put a video in from their office and it gets played on channel 1 to all apartments - someone obviously liked thrillers and horrors as most evenings Predator or Daylight was showing, there's something about mary made an appearance too - but they do have kids videos .

So if you have booked to go here, you are in for a treat, if you are considering this place, then if you like a large living space surrounded by loads of grass (was green at the time, might not be now) and beautiful panoramic views then this is the place for you, especially if you like Karaoke :shock: .


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Well as brief as your comment is it explains alot.
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