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Amazon Spain

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For those now having problems with buying from Amazon U.K. my experience with may help.
Firstly it is only in Spanish and Portuguese but Google translate easily overcomes this.
Initially try your U.K. password but if this does not work it is easy to create a new one. 'Forgotten password' creates a confirmation box in which to enter either e-mail address or mobile. Enter 'mobile' and an easily managed message is sent to your e-mail. Do not do it the alternative process !!
Then enter details of card to be used - a euro card saves lousy exchange rates of pound cards !

I placed my order at 12.00 on Friday and it was delivered 11.30 Monday.
Cost of items on Amazon U.K. was £ 32 + £9.99 post each item = £51.98. Cost from was € 36 and post free for anything over €29 value.
The range of items is not as large as U.K. but should be adequate for most people and it seems to be gradually increasing.
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