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Location maps

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Please find resort maps here

There are many bars and restaurants in and around Carvoeiro, many of them can be found on these maps:

DIY, Home & Garden stores + supermarkets - Handy or what? Stores in the Algarve to help the handyman or woman.

Tourist developments - Click here for forum reference

Rosa's Bar - This is where some of the forum members meet up for drinks and a chat.


Portimão Hospital

Places to visit, East to West


A little jaunt to the dam

The waterfall - Click here for forum Reference

Here's the best way to zoom in on a particular location (illustrated below), courtesy of e-richard :

1. Select the restaurant in the left hand alphabetic list
2. See the pop-up balloon pointing to the restaurant on the map.
3. In this pop-up, note the menu point "more" with a down arrow beside it.
4. Click on the down arrow and see the menu point "Zoom here"