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Speed Ramps - Mato Serrao Area

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2013 5:48 pm
by matoserrao2007
Is there any possibility of having speed ramps placed in the Mato Serrao area. They are so very effective in the areas of Carvoeiro where they are now used. The roadway from Mato Serrao leading down to Carvoeiro sometimes resembles a super-highway, particularly in the mornings, and pedestrians (many of whom are children) are at risk of being injured. Has anyone any suggestions as to whom to contact in relation to this.

May I take this opportunity to compliment the lady who cleans around the Beach Area (I do not know her name but she starts her work quite early each day). The toilets etc. are the cleanest I have every seen and she works consistently, and at various times throughout the day to maintain the standard of cleanliness. She deserves an award !