What are the Tucana Appartements like ?????????????????

see map http://www.carvoeiro.com/images/montedourado_map.gif
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What are the Tucana Appartements like ?????????????????

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Hey can anybody tell me what the Tucana Appartements are like ??
I'm going to spent two weeks there....
Is it dirty or what ??
I got it for a very cheap price....
What's wrong with it.....???????????

Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll:
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The apartments are really nice, we advertise two on this site (see casa amarela and casa sol vista) you must just have been lucky to get a good deal.

We have had many compliments about our maid service so they certainly aren't dirty, there's nothing wrong with them at all. They are all fully equipped with washing machine, dishwasher etc

You will also be in a good location, walking distance of everything - beach, shops, restaurants, bars etc. The upper level apartments are on a hill with a slope down to the village, and the lower level ones are on the same level as the beach.

Enjoy your holiday - I'm sure you will :lol:
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